How it Works


The workings of a screenplay ghostwriter

The five necessary steps to build a script involve the logline or script summary, the all-important treatment itself, a story outline with the raw screenplay and a draft. At the end and as with any written document, meticulous editing refines and perfects the final draft.

We work from your logline, your treatment suggestions and the story outline. We brainstorm these steps with you whether in written emails, in person or over the phone. At hand is that comedy or romance.


How you help

You list the settings for the action so that our writer can get that holistic view of what your inner eye has already seen. You create the plot line. As you discuss these with the writer and our ghostwriter comes up with fresh suggestions, you know your story is growing bigger and better. You are picking and sharing up ideas from a professional screenwriter who has been there before.

It is up to you, the customer, to list all the characters and their individual characteristics. The customer describes what they look like and what they might be like. As before, our ghostwriter makes suggestions to flesh them out and sometimes tone down the real culprit for that twist at the end. Together, the personae do what you want them to be like and what you want them to do.

Best of all, the holistic view brings out the individual characters’ points of view – not to mention the storyteller’s lines and opinions. The lesson and the moral of the screenplay story could be pluralistic, and it could be one major belief.


Hiring a screenplay ghostwriter

A client with explainable imagination can describe his story, his visions to the writer – the recipient of those ideas. The ghostwriter in turn envisions those stories on the big or small screen, puts down in words which come alive through the medium of screen writing software.

Is the client worried that his creative visions need to be housed as quickly as possible, since they should not be lost? People in a hurry can explain and describe their creative thoughts best. That is where Screen Script Writers put down those creative flashes – with similar suggestions to enhance the end result, as speedily as possible.

What we’re offering is the head start. Our screenplay writers know what they do and how quickly it should be done to capture that creative genie, to share the twists and turns in the story as effectively as possible. And to bring to life those locations, characters, scenes, costumes and more that live in the imaginative world of our customers. Screen Script Writers are the movie visionaries, so to speak and our ghostwriters are available on hire to write.

Tap into our expertise.

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