rightarrow I have a great idea for a movie. What do I do?

You first write it up yourself. Need help with improving the content or formatting it as a screenplay should look before you take it to that producer or director? Get in touch with Screen Script Writers. You talk to us, and then leave it to us for the professional touch.

rightarrow Can I hire a ghostwriter for my movie script?

Yes. The best screenplays are ghostwritten. That means that the writer gives you, the client, all credit for a fee. Amazing movie ideas don’t come just from professional writers.

rightarrow I need help writing a screenplay.

No problem. That’s what our professional screenplay writers are for. The customer provides the details for a story – it could be on the attached form, and it could be your thoughts as you record them. We go through it and ask the questions.

rightarrow Can Screen Script Writers find the right writer for me?

Yes. Our screenplay writers are all freelancers, time-tested and dedicated. Screen Script Writers select the ghostwriter to do up the script for your story – we match the right writer to the right story. That person will communicate with you to the extent that they need to get inside your head and share your vision and mission. They will flesh out your instructions to match the way you have envisaged your story.

rightarrow How does the process run?

The customer provides a story or its outline which can be made into a feature film, a short film or a documentary.

  • Once both client and Screen Script Writers agree, a contract (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) is signed between both parties and the work can commence. A ghostwriter is assigned and will be the dedicated writer throughout the project.
  • As the action unfolds, the customer and the ghostwriter discusses script treatment at various stages which would fit in with half an hour or a whole hour or more of the finished movie.. Remember to provide any reference material – a novel, a video and pictures, any research you have conducted. All inputs and outputs remain confidential.
  • Do you and Screen Script Writers see the same moving images speaking as both would like the characters to speak? Do both of us agree with the settings our characters find themselves in? Visit www.vocaroo.com, record your voice and email the voice file to us.

rightarrow What are a screenwriter’s fees?

The price depends in large part on the length of the film, as well as any special requirements. Screen Script Writers be happy to provide you with a free quote when you provide us with details of your project in the attached form.

rightarrow Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Payments for projects worth less than $1,000 are taken as 100% advance. However if your project value is over $1,000, you can opt to settle our fees in instalments as:

  1. 1/3 fees payable as advance to start the project.
  2. 1/3 payable on 50% work delivery
  3. 1/3 payable on 95% work delivery.
  4. The final 100% delivery is sent to you after payment instalment #3.

rightarrow How does the client pay?

Payment options can be done through

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit or debit card, through PayPal
  3. Bank wire transfer / online transfer
  4. Western Union
  5. Cheque or bank draft (for clients located within India only)

rightarrow Can a client request a discount?


  1. Discounts are available on larger orders. Ask us.
  2. 10% early decision discount is available on the total fees, if you decide and start your project within 7 days of your first mail/inquiry.

rightarrow Is there a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

There will be a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement between both parties – the client and this service provider. Download by clicking here. You have to write appropriately on the portions marked in red, print it, sign it, and send it to Screen Script Writers (scan the copy and email it to www.screen-script-writers.com or by post). A recognised signatory will sign it at our end and return the signed, stamped document in the same manner.

rightarrow Who owns the copyright

You do. Once the fees are cleared, the script is exclusively yours!

rightarrow Who holds the rights to the credits on a film screenplay /TV script?

Typically, the screenwriter is credited as a ‘Co-Writer’ on the cover / title page of the Script.  e.g; “Based on a Story by”. If you do not wish the writer to appear as a co-writer, you are then employing our ghostwriter. Charges for a Ghostwriter Screenwriter will be 50% higher than the listed rates.

rightarrow How long should a screenplay be?

You will receive updates of the work in progress every week after the end of the second week. You go through it and send in your comments and suggestions.

rightarrow What is the turnaround time?

A 90-minute screenplay is likely to be ready in 30 – 45 days; and a 120-minute screenplay in 45 – 50 days. We make time for reviews, additions and alterations according to your suggestions and reflections to be incorporated.

rightarrow Can we meet to discuss the project?

Since there is nothing better than meeting face to face, Screen Script Writers welcomes that, though you would have to come down to Kolkata, India with an appointment. If the value of your project is above US$ 3000 / INR 200,000, one of us from Screen Script Writers can travel to your location for discussions, in which case we would bill you for return airfare, accommodation in a standard hotel and conveyance within your city. Projects valued less than US$ 3000 / INR 200,000 can be discussed via email and phone.


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