About Us

What you get is what you see.

You could write that cut and dried, clearly set out readable screenplay. We translate it into a full throttle, emotional (if needed), intense-beyond-belief, knock-you-dead screenplay. Screen Script Writers are expert ghostwriters and editors who zero in on great movies. What we’re passionate about is to write great screenplays to go with those wonderful movies. You can do it – with us.

By screenwriting, we mean a screenplay, a Television script, rewriting that screenplay and polishing another Television or feature film script.

Check out our screenwriting rates – they are modestly underrated. Any screenwriter or script doctor with comparable experience, excellent reviews and similar charges that you know of? Not quite likely.

Prices are in US$ and INR, with fees payable in instalments to match each phase of delivery. Screen Script Writers can be paid online via PayPal or credit card without involvement of PayPal. Our service contract with customers is on the basis of an agreement for ‘works made for hire’. That means that you retain the rights to your own idea and the concept, the story and characters in the story. It is you who own the rights to the script.

We welcome you, and look forward to working with you.

This is your invitation from www.screen-script-writers.com the successful screenplay writing service that has been commissioned by clients worldwide since 2007. Name your genre in the over 4000 projects we’ve handed over so far. Could it be a short or lengthy script? A rom-com for television? Or is it an action movie you have in mind – romance or period drama – a musical –horror movie or thriller? And, what about language – English – American English for far westerners – American Indians for the natives, or a home-grown Indian target audience?

Any which way, Screen-Script-Writers insists on handling your project in a sincere and serious manner. It counts even where the focus is on fun and merriment, as apparent in the final output. At hand are 65 highly skilled and versatile screenplay writers.  All of our writers are trained in handling scripts through confidentiality agreements.

Screen-Script-Writers work alongside for several large international publishing concerns to provide backend services. We could do the same for you for your next movie or television screenplay writing.

What you have to do

Brief Screen-Script-Writers. Convey your requirements and objectives. Do you want an art film, or should the movie help smash through the box office? Do you need universal family appeal, or is it a niche target that you want to reach? What we need to know is the idea you nurture, a basic story outline.

What we do

We initiate the script and ask for approvals from you. You receive the script as it develops at our end at various stages and phases and updates. After all, this is your dream movie.

To start, send us an email at contact@screen-script-writers.com. Ask for a sample of our screenplay or treatment. You could also ask for a film ‘short’ of that script after the movie was made.


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We are sure you found us interesting. To work with, to deal with or just as astute business people. We would like to hear from you, so do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.